[Help-gnutls] Failure to connect from mutt with gnutls

Ben Hutchings ben.hutchings at roundpoint.com
Mon Jan 7 18:55:01 CET 2002

I'm trying to use the Debian version of mutt (version 1.3.24) with gnutls
(version 0.2.11) to connect to an IMAP server with SSL support (provided by
stunnel 3.10 and OpenSSL 0.9.4).

mutt fails to connect to the server, leaving a status message
"gnutls_handshake".  stunnel logs an error message like this:

Jan  7 01:34:40 halibut stunnel[32346]: SSL_accept: error:0406506C:rsa
routines:RSA_EAY_PRIVATE_DECRYPT:data greater than mod len

I have made successful IMAP/SSL connections to this server with a variety of
other clients, so I don't think stunnel is at fault.  So might this be a
fault in gnutls, or should I be looking at mutt?

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