[Help-gnutls] Strange error when using libgnutls

Pedro Corte-Real typo at netcabo.pt
Mon May 17 23:43:29 CEST 2004

When using a slightly modified version of the example code at:


The only modification I've done is to run gnutls_record_recv in a loop
to fetch everything until it gets an error or EOF.

The file is attatched.

I get this error:

"A TLS packet with unexpected length was received."

This happens when receiving the last block of information when
gnutls_record_recv returns an error (-9) instead of 0 for EOF.

I'm using libgnutls10 from debian sid at version 1.0.4-3.

I can reproduce this reliably against my local apache-ssl (OpenSSL)
server. This does not seam to happen when testing with

I'm not subscribed to the list so please CC me on replies.


Pedro Côrte-Real.
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