[Help-gnutls] Re: Really I can not ...avoid confusion.. OK, opinion and conclusion

Fran e_agf at yahoo.es
Fri Aug 19 15:49:05 CEST 2005

     A. Index: src/certtool-cfg.c 
      * =================================================================== 
      * RCS file: /cvs/gnutls/gnutls/src/certtool-cfg.c,v 
      * retrieving revision 2.11 
      * diff -u -p -r2.11 certtool-cfg.c
      * ...
I think that you have the same problem with strings 128bytes size, in
other case 256bytes, should be 200 + 1 bytes?; and
accepts null strings. 
> read_crt_set ; and others
--------------------------------------------------------- My opinion ------------------------------------------------------------
      * It looked rather unreadable to me.
Well, can be possible. (I am not a good programmer). The important is
the objective not the code.

Before I said: 
      * Can be a good idea make an executable to manage a non
      * simple Certificate Authority? 
And Simon J.:
      * If you have ideas on what a good command line interface would be
        for use as a 
      * CA, please explain and discuss. Large parts of the code is
      * already present in certtool, but it could use a rewrite in order
        to be 
      * more user friendly.
Sorry, I can not continue with reorder of certtool , functions in
certtool are very linked to global variables and I can not understand
all the libraries in tree of dependencies, it's impossible for me. 
> Generating a private key...
> Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key...
> operation is not possible without "initialized" secure memory (libgcrypt)
This problem becomes because functions aren't a  "black boxes". I tried to make full featured general black boxes functions to manage basics operations of certificates,but I can't.
I think, that this functions should be something like:
make_X509_crt_v3(struct X509_v3 x509,...,parameters,...,output /* file or buffer */);
certtool is the face of gnutls, and without a good "certtool", I think that gnutls is a car without steering wheel.
      * In general, I think it is better to have several small tools for
      * specific purposes, rather than to try and put them all into one
The problem is that several small tools ca not be understand by a normal
users, one example:
You want go to a home in the  mountain, you can see it. Software types:
Specialised and guided:
     I. You have tree way,tree options, that you can see.
    II. option 1, option 2, option 3.
Non guided:
     I. You have one objective and you can see nothing.
    II. Please type help or error.
My idea of software is based in this:
One objective have one way. In other case you make that learning curve
multiply almost by 10. Can be a specialised tool but should be

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And This is all,  I couldn't be more useful. Thanks to all members of list.

Best regards, Fran.

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