[Help-gnutls] gnutls and non blocking socket

Regit regit at inl.fr
Tue Jul 12 17:15:05 CEST 2005


I've got a question about how gnutls works with non-blocking socket and
with socket that reach timeout.

In the file lib/gnutls_buffers.c around line 243 there is no special
case for errno==EAGAIN and i=-1.

But man page of recv says :
 If  no  messages  are  available at the socket, the receive calls wait
for a message to arrive, unless the socket is nonblocking (see fcntl(2))
in which case the value -1 is returned and the external variable errno
set to EAGAIN.

Is it correct that we should rather leave cleanly in this case as this
is not an error case but a waited behaviour ?

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