[Help-gnutls] Re: GNUTLS ERROR: A TLS fatal alert

Daniel Stenberg daniel at haxx.se
Sat Mar 19 13:37:01 CET 2005

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005, Simon Josefsson wrote:

> The _t are for 1.2.0; if you use the GnuTLS 1.2.0 header files it should 
> build without modifications.

Aha, sorry. Didn't spot the version mismatch.

>    const char *PORT = "443";
>    const char *SERVER = "";

Hm. When I try that server + port, it works for me as well. But if I point it 
to sourceforge's HTTPS server at, I get that TLS fatal alert 

Does it work for you then? gnutls-cli seems to work fine against it.

> Perhaps you'll find 'src/gnutls-cli' more useful, it is also a simple
> client, but can print debugging info if you specify the -d parameter.
> The code is not very readable, though,

Right. I actually started out with the manual and adjusted an existing source 
code to use GnuTLS, and when I got into trouble I thought I'd go back and 
simply use one of the simple apps first to check that the basic concepts work 
as I think they would.

But since the simple app doesn't even work, it is no wonder my own app doesn't 
since I picked lots of inspiration from this sample app. My app also works 
against www.gnutls.org:443, but no others.

>> I believe the one at [URL] is the most recent one?
> Yes. They are included in doc/examples in the source package as well.

Okey. I started out without the source package, as I was hoping to get my 
stuff working with the Debian-distributed package.

> What page could be improve to make it easier to find up-to-date docs?

The documentation page on the web site could clearly mention: "docs for 1.0.X 
here" and "docs for 1.2.X here".

> The old manual is still available from the "Dcoumentation" page, but labeled 
> as such.  Is it too confusing?

Using Debian unstable, updated very frequently, I'm not used to looking for 
"old manual" links. I think they would be better if they mentioned version 

> I have now added text that say the new manual is for 1.2 and the old for 
> 1.0, perhaps it help somewhat.

Yes, that is goodness!

Many thanks for your quick and detailed response.

(I am in the progress of making libcurl optionally use GnuTLS for SSL 

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