[Help-gnutls] Empty CRL

Aaron VanDevender sig at netdot.net
Mon Jun 19 16:14:21 CEST 2006

Is there a way to use certtool to create an empty CRL? If I say:

$ certtool --load-ca-certificate ca-cert.pem --load-ca-privkey \
  ca-key.pem --generate-crl --outfile crl.pem

I get:

Generating a signed CRL...
Loading CA's private key...
Loading CA's certificate...
Loading certificate list...
You must specify a certificate.

But if I say:

$ certtool -l --infile crl.pem

where crl.pem is an empty file, I get:

Decoding error: Base64 decoding error.

So how do I make something that is a valid CRL file, but just doesn't
contain any records?


sig at netdot.net
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