[Help-gnutls] Re: TLS message boundary

Simon Josefsson jas at extundo.com
Thu Mar 2 10:08:53 CET 2006

Ang Way Chuang <wcang at yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi all,
>     Does TLS/SSL preserve data message boundary like SCTP? Is assuming whatever
> message that is sent and received through gnutls_record_{send,recv} always
> respect data message boundary a correct assumption?

Hi!  No, that is an incorrect assumption.  See RFC 2246:

   The record layer fragments information blocks into TLSPlaintext
   records carrying data in chunks of 2^14 bytes or less. Client message
   boundaries are not preserved in the record layer (i.e., multiple
   client messages of the same ContentType may be coalesced into a
   single TLSPlaintext record, or a single message may be fragmented
   across several records).

You can of course use a TLV format inside the TLS channel to get what
you want.


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