[Help-gnutls] Memory leak

markus.hager at exgate.tek.com markus.hager at exgate.tek.com
Wed Feb 14 16:15:42 CET 2007



we've encountered memory problems with GNUTLS and I wonder if someone
else has experienced similar trouble.



We  wrapped GNUTLS 1.4.4 it in a 'memory manager'. That means we force
GNUTLS to use our memory functions. 

What we find is that not all memory blocks that are allocated by GNUTLS
are freed. We are loosing approx. 65 byte on client and 200 on server
side per handshake.


The following is the sequence in which we call the gnutls_functions: 

gnutls_global_set_mem_functions (alloc, alloc, NULL, realloc, free) 







We don't use any functionality to store (resume) session. So GNUTLS is
supposed to free all memory allocated during a handshake in
gnutls_deinit, isn't it?

Well, in our case it doesn't. With every handshake more and more memory
gets lost. Is there a mistake in our handling of the library or is there
a problem in the GNUTLS implementation? 



Thanks for your answers.




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