[Help-gnutls] Re: How do I run ex-client-srp ?

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Thu Jan 25 11:13:58 CET 2007

"Avasarala Ranjit-A20990" <ranjit at motorola.com> writes:

> Hi Simon
> How do I run ex-client-srp? I mean what are the arguments I need to
> give? I tried this:

Hi!  The tool doesn't take any arguments.  Did you read an earlier
post about this:


> ./ex-serv-srp
> Echo Server ready. Listening to port '5556'.
> - connection from, port 36417
> *** Handshake has failed (Error in password file.)
> *** Handshake failed
> GNUTLS ERROR: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.
> [a20990 at mlabgate examples]$ 

Did you create the password file as described in the URL above?

I now verified that the steps I explained earlier works fine with
GnuTLS 1.6.1 under Windows XP.

To use the ex-*-srp examples, you'll need to invoke:

C:\> srptool -u user -p tpasswd -c tpasswd.conf
Enter password: [Type 'pass']

Then invoke './ex-serv-srp' in the same directory as the tpasswd*
files are in, and then invoke ./ex-client-srp'.

Or change the username/password in the source code.


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