[Help-gnutls] Verifying certificates with IPv6 crashes

John Brooks john at yarbbles.com
Sun Jan 28 10:13:01 CET 2007

#0  0xb76f6e5d in gnutls_auth_get_type () from /usr/lib/libgnutls.so.13
#1  0xb76fb42d in gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2 () from 
#2  0xb7748d61 in ModuleSSLGnuTLS::VerifyCertificate (this=0x80c7050, 
session=0x80c70c8, user=0x8110f9c)
    at m_ssl_gnutls.cpp:668

This happens only on sockets that are IPv6; IPv4 works fine. Since it 
crashes inside gnutls, my best guess is that something isn't properly 
handling IPv6 there; I went over our code quickly and didn't see 
anything that involved the IP that might be a problem..

If you need more specifics on our implementation, see: 
(Specifically, void VerifyCertificate(issl_session* session, Extensible* 

Thanks :)

 - Special

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