[Help-gnutls] Re: Error making certificate

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Mon Mar 12 13:40:38 CET 2007

devel <dev001 at pas-world.com> writes:

> Hello, I am trying to use certtool to make certificate, like another
> times.
> But this time, with another version of gnutls and other arch, my script
> do not work. Here is de problem:
>> certtool -p > new-user.key
> Work
>> certtool -q --outfile new-user.csr --load-privkey new-user.key --password $PASS
> fail, response of system after input parameters:
>> set_dn: ASN1 parser: Element was not found.
> Any suggestion?

Can you send me the CSR that trigger the problem?  Which version of
GnuTLS are you using, and which version of GnuTLS worked before for

It sounds as if the CSR doesn't contain some field which certtool need
to have.


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