[Help-gnutls] Re: virtual hosting with gnutls-serv?

Lasse Kliemann lasse-private-2007 at plastictree.net
Wed Mar 28 11:16:00 CEST 2007

* Simon Josefsson schreibt:
> "Lasse Kliemann" <lasse-private-2007 at plastictree.net> writes:
> > * Simon Josefsson writes:
> >> I searched a little, and found Cherokee:
> >> 
> >> http://www.cherokee-project.com/
> >> 
> >> There are Debian packages for it, and it seems to be using GnuTLS.
> >> 
> >> I don't know if it supports HTTPS virtual hosting.  You could search
> >> the source for 'gnutls_server_name_get'.
> > Hydra is next, however the comments on its homepage are not too 
> > promising.
> Let us know how it works.

'gnutls_server_name_get' occurs once in the source, in a file called 
cgi_ssl.c. I do not think that this is what I am looking for. The manual 
page does not mention encryption at all.

> Investigating how well mod_gnutls works would also be quite good.  I
> haven't built/tested it because I haven't my own apache build running,
> and I'm not that familiar with apache...  Perhaps you'd like to do
> it. :)

I do not like Apache because of its code size and complexity. In fact, I 
got by completely without it until now. I used UCSPI implementations and 
the Fnord web server instead. If mod_gnutls was released for production 
use by its author, I would take it as a good reason to ditch my aversion 
against Apache. But it is not. Even if it works, I will feel uneasy with 
it, because its author says that one should not use it if one "truly 
cares about making the web server secure".

I wrote to the Cherokee mailing list today desribing my experiences from 
yesterday. Maybe something can be done there.

Otherwise I will code my own UCSPI-like implementation some day.

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