[Help-gnutls] PGP api

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sat Nov 24 00:40:40 CET 2007

Sorry, I'm still not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

On Saturday 24 November 2007 01:21:33 am Angus wrote:
> On Thursday 22 November 2007 18:27, Brad Hards wrote:
> > On Friday 23 November 2007 08:17:05 am Angus wrote:
> > > I need a C (or C++) API to PGP encrypt stuff. Unfortunately, I have no
> > > experience with public key encryption, and I'm having a hard time
> > > figuring out what available APIs even do this.
> >
> > I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you trying to do PGP with TLS?
> 	From what I can tell, OpenCDK falls under TLS, so yes.
Lets not worry about the implementation stuff just yet. 

When you said "PGP encrypt stuff", can you explain exactly what you are trying 
to do? In particular, are you trying to use PGP to authenticate a TLS 
connection (as described in RFC5081 - 
http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc5081.txt) or are you trying to encrypt a 
file (as described in RFC4880, Section 3.1)?

> > If you are just trying to encrypt a file, why not just use GPGME:
> > http://www.gnupg.org/related_software/gpgme/
> > It is a library that talks to the gnupg binary over a special machine
> > interface.
> 	I'm looking at GPGME, and it looks a little too DIY. From what I can tell,
> all it does is open a socket to an algorithmic backend, and pipes data to
> and from it--no place to insert things like public and private keys and
> whatever else PGP needs.

GPGME is designed to support mail user agents handled PGP encryped/signed 
messages. Use of it for something wildly different is going to be messy.

I can't help you with a better suggestion unless you can explain what you are 
trying to do. Are you trying to generate the keys yourself, or do you already 
have them? How are you planning on transferring the private key? Are you 
trying to back-up, or transfer a file? More detail please.


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