[Help-gnutls] Using gnutls_srp_base64_decode to decode something encoded with SSL's EVP_Encode*

Robert Hogan lists at roberthogan.net
Sat Feb 9 12:40:21 CET 2008

[originally sent to gnutls-dev in error, please ignore the post there]

Hi there,

I have the following string, which has been encoded by openssl's EVP_Encode* 


I want to decode it with a gnutls function, so I'm guessing 
gnutls_srp_base64_decode is the one I need. (I've tried 
gnutls_pem_base64_decode with no luck)

I can decode a result with it, however it is not the same result as if I had 
used EVP_decode*.

(Unlike with EVP_Decode I have to give it the unadorned string; EVP_Decode 
requires '8lsjlBTuh2bbNTARRgB6WnmgCm0=\n\0'. Adding the =, newline and null 
causes gnutls_srp_base64_decode to return nothing.)

Are the two incompatible? I would have though base64 was just base64!
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