[Help-gnutls] TLS and SCTP

Sebastien Decugis sdecugis at nict.go.jp
Wed Jul 30 11:24:19 CEST 2008


I am trying to implement TLS over a SCTP association with multiple 
streams (the final goal is to make an open-source implementation of 

 From RFC 3436, it is told that each pair of (bi-directional) stream is 
an independent TLS session (separate handshake, and so on). The 
remaining streams have no TLS protection, and will therefore not be used 
in my implementation.

I understand how to specify my own transport-layer handlers in GNU TLS 
with the set_push_function and set_pull_function, but I think it is not 
sufficient support to handle the TLS over the multiple streams as 
expected. We can create a wrapper function to send data on a specific 
stream, but not to receive only from a given stream. The logic must be: 
we receive a message, we can retrieve its stream number, and then we 
know the TLS context (session) this message belongs to. I cannot see a 
way to achieve this with the API of gnutls.

Has someone ran into this issue already and could give me some hints / 
pointers? The only workaround I can see yet is to use only 1 stream in 
my SCTP association, but this is not very satisfactory...

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

Sebastien Decugis
Research fellow
Network Architecture Group
NICT (nict.go.jp)

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