[Help-gnutls] RE: GNU TLS 2.2.4 installation

Rajitha Reddy RReddy at mocana.com
Mon Nov 17 06:15:31 CET 2008

Thanks Simon. That helps a lot.

- Rajitha.

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Rajitha Reddy <RReddy at mocana.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Here is how I am calling the gnutls client:
> gnutls-cli -d 10000 -p 6443 testserver
> where
>         testserver - name of the machine running the ssl server.
>         6443 - port on which the server is listening.
> Is this the right way of sending the servername extension to my ssl server?


> With this, I am seeing that the gnu cli shows the following in its output:
> |<2>| EXT[9dc5888]: Sending extension SERVER_NAME

Seems like it works then.

> My doubt is:
> What is the difference between -srpusername and the field "testserver" in
> "gnutls-cli -d 10000 -p 6443 testserver"

Testserver is a hostname, -srpusername indicates the username used with
SRP authentication.  The SRP username doesn't have anything to do with
the hostname in the server name extension.


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