How to implement new supplemental data

LATZE Carolin carolin.latze at
Wed Jan 6 15:07:02 CET 2010

Hi everybody,

I try to implement a TLS extensions that requires to send supplemental data too (umm.... is this the right list for that problem?)

I found a pretty good tutorial about how to add a new extension ( However I did not find any documentation about how to implement the supplemental data message, which is why I grep'ed through the code and tried to understand it. I think it is done the following way (could somebody please confirm that?):

in lib/gnutls_supplemental.c add a quadruple to _gnutls_supplemental[], e.g.:

gnutls_supplemental_entry _gnutls_supplemental[] = {
  { "foobar_data",
    gnutls_foobar_supp_send_params },
  {0, 0, 0, 0}

Afterwards add gnutls_foobar_supp_recv_params and gnutls_foobar_supp_send_params to ext_foobar.{h|c} and implement it. In gnutls_foobar_recv_param and/ or gnutls_foobar_send_param set do_send_supplemental and/ or do_recv_supplemental.

Is that all (sounds somehow too simple :-D)


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