Using a Callback to Select the Certificate to Use (error)

Pedro Pereira pedro.pereira at
Mon Nov 15 20:12:14 CET 2010


I am trying to use a callback to select the certificates, but it seems  
that I am having problems compiling the gnutls example that uses  
callback to select the certificates.

$ gcc -o client ex-cert-select.c tcp.c `pkg-config gnutls --cflags --libs`
$ gcc -o client ex-cert-select.c tcp.c -lgnutls

/tmp/ccpq7pJM.o: In function `cert_callback':
ex-cert-select.c:(.text+0x667): undefined reference to  
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

gnutls_sign_algorithm_get_requested seems to be part of the gnutls.h,  
so it should be reachable with the #define and with the gnutls lib.

Then I tried to use the gnutls-extra lib instead, and it compiles!?  
Strange...but even like that I have problems running the binary:

$ gcc ex-cert-select.c tcp.c -o client -lgnutls-extra
$ ./client
- Server's trusted authorities:
    [0]: CN=GnuTLS test CA
    [1]: O=Root CA,OU=,CN=CA Cert Signing  
Authority,EMAIL=support at
    [2]: C=ZA,ST=Western Cape,L=Cape Town,O=Thawte  
Consulting,OU=Certification Services Division,CN=Thawte Personal  
Freemail CA,EMAIL=personal-freemail at
./client: relocation error: ./client: symbol  
gnutls_sign_algorithm_get_requested, version GNUTLS_2_10 not defined  
in file with link time reference

...and the program aborts.
What's happening here? Can someone help me to understand how to make  
this work normally?


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