Setting gnutls to use nettle instead of libgcrypt

Totony totony123 at
Sat Jul 30 02:52:45 CEST 2011

I'm using gnutls version 2.12.7-2 and nettle version 2.1-1

Actually, nettle is linked to gnutls, so I think gnutls is using nettle,
through the program I'm using looks to be using libgcrypt (because it's
linked to libgcrypt), but the help forums of that program seems to say
they're using the crypto of gnutls. Quite complicated situation >.>
(That program is aria2).

Do you know how I can know which crypto backend gnutls is using ?

2011/7/29 Brad Hards <bradh at>

> On Saturday 30 July 2011 07:38:45 Daryl Anthony Chouinard wrote:
> > I have nettle installed (uh, pacman, Archlinux's package manager, is
> > telling me that it's installed)
> Which versions of nettle and gnutls are you using? gnutls appears quite
> picky
> about its nettle versions, so possibly you aren't using nettle because of
> that.
> Brad
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