Setting gnutls to use nettle instead of libgcrypt

Brad Hards bradh at
Sun Jul 31 07:05:10 CEST 2011

On Sunday 31 July 2011 02:38:08 Totony wrote:
> Ok, thanks for your help, I think that would be the problem too.
> (Maybe the addition of nettle just broke the compatibility with aria2).
> One last question : Is it possible to ask gnutls to init libgcrypt instead
> of nettle (using a function) ?
This makes no sense to me. gcrypt might not even be installed.

> (Even if gnutls is not linked to libgcrypt, if the executed program calls
> the init function of gnutls for libgcrypt, it should work, shouldn't it ?)
Unless you're going to make all kinds of dynamic linking assumptions,  it 
can't. The linker should complain that you're calling a function that you're 
not linking to. The function prototypes for gcrypt initialisation won't be 
present (because you don't include headers for code you don't use).

Fix aria2 to either initialise gcrypt or use nettle.


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