Support for PKCS12 client certificate files

Sebastian Kolbe sebastiankolbe at
Sat Jun 11 00:15:29 CEST 2011

I'm having trouble reading / importing a p12 certificate file (with
public/private key for
client authentication). I used the function "gnutls_pkcs12_import" for this,
but without
success.  Error message was "base64 decode error" (or similar).
Changing some of the other parameters (crt format, flags) only brought
different error messages.
At last the comand line tool (certtool) produced the same error message.
Version of library was 2.8.6 (standard in ubuntu) and (latest
for download).

I tried on command line with:
  certtool  --p12-info --infile cert.p12
(The certificate itself is ok, the tools "pk12util" from NSS and openSSL
were able to
open the file and presenting all stored certificates.)

Is there something I can do here? Is there a error in syntax or is some more
needed in prior? Or are PKCS12 files not fully supported?
BTW: the documentation is very "skinny" at this point...

Thank you in advance

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