[gnutls-help] ANNOUNCE: Qt Certificate Addon

Richard Moore rich at kde.org
Sun Dec 16 21:18:22 CET 2012

I noticed that this was messed up. Trying again.

What is it?

Qt Certificate Addon is a framework for creating X.509 certificates using
Qt. Unlike the read-only support for certificates that's included in the SSL
module this API allows new certificates, keys and signing requests to be


* Easy to use Qt-style Api with built-in integration with the existing QSslKey
  and QSslCertificate classes.

* Create certificate signing requests

* Create certificates

* Create new keys

* Support for some common certificate extensions:

  * Authority key identifier
  * Subject key identifier
  * Subject alternative names
  * Basic constraints
  * Key usage
  * Extended key usage

* Pregenereated documentation is available at

Source Code

The code is available on gitorious at:


This code uses the LGPL gnutls library to implement it's facilities. More
details about gnutls can be found at http://www.gnutls.org/


The code is capable of creating certificates, keys and signing requests with
support for the most common types of certificate extension. The documentation
is at a reasonable level, there are examples and a moderate level of unit
tests. I've only tested the code on Linux, but apart from the RandomGenerator
class it should work fine on all platforms.

Currently the code has only been tested against Qt 4.x, but I'll be making 5.0
the main development target soon. I intend to retain support for using the
code with 4.x however.


Feedback on the API, the facilities offered - anything really.

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