Error Code -56

Mihir Kulkarni mihirk.31 at
Wed Feb 29 04:46:58 CET 2012

We are trying out with Gnutls. We have created a dummy extension Foobar
following the steps given in the manual. We are using
"_gnutls_ext_set_session_data" in the client and then using
"_gnutls_ext_get_session_data" in the server to retrieve the data. The
value gets set correctly in client but when we retrieve it in the server,
the get function returns -56 as error code. Our implementation of Foobar
extension is almost similar to server-name extension already present in
Can someone give some clarification as to what might be going wrong? Do let
me know if more information is needed.
Thank you.

Mihir Kulkarni
Graduate Student
University of California, Irvine
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