SRP passwd.conf file

Peter Penzov peter.penzov at
Thu Mar 1 21:59:12 CET 2012

  I want to implement SRP server and client with GnuTLS. I'm trying to
compile and run the examples in GnuTLS. I have two questions:
1. I created passwd.conf file where I suppose that the server looks for
password files. Would you tell me in what format I have to store there the
passwords? Just very simple example how this file must look like.

2. I want to store the SRP user and password into database not passd.conf
file. I looked at the server source code and I found that the function
gnutls_srp_set_server_credentials_file is used to retrieve the user
credentials from file. I found in GnuTLS documentation  that
gnutls_srp_set_server_credentials_function can be used for username and
extraction from database. Am I correct?

Best wishes
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