issues building gnutls from git on Ubuntu 12.04

Simon Josefsson simon at
Wed May 23 07:22:49 CEST 2012

Patrick Pelletier <code at> writes:

> Thanks!  I did a "git clean -dfx" and that solved both of my previous
> problems.
> I'd been so focused on the output of "git status" that I'd forgotten
> to consider that my checkout could be "dirty" in files that were being
> gitignored.  (I'd previously tried building gnutls in that same
> directory before I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, so that must be where the
> dirty files came from.  I just hadn't thought about that.)

I have been using a small tool called "git cruel checkout" which wipes a
clean directory clean as if it were just checked out, you may find it
useful in situations like this.  It's inspired by the "cvsco" tool there
applies to CVS.  It is short, here it is:

# gitco - cruel checkout.  Discards everything that has not been
# committed, and checkout missing files.
# Written by Simon Josefsson.  Licensed under GPLv2 or later.
# Contributions by Yann Dirson.
git clean -d -x -f
git status
git reset --hard


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