gnutls4win for 2.12.x or 3.x?

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Fri Nov 30 21:31:18 CET 2012

hey folks--

Simon's gnutls4win packages [0] look like the latest version is 2.10.1
[1].  But according to the homepage [2], the latest stable versions are
2.12.21 and 3.0.26 (and then there's 3.1.5 as well).

How are the gnutls4win packages maintained?

I note that the build instructions at [0] suggest using CVS to do the
checkout.  Do we need to transition gnutls4win to git as well?

I normally wouldn't bother with this, but i've got a couple people i'm
trying to support who insist on using windows and have some kind of
network/TLS failures, and i wouldn't mind asking them to debug using
some decent, recent tools.



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