gnutls 3.1.1

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Sun Sep 2 20:51:34 CEST 2012

 I've just released gnutls 3.1.1. This release includes optimizations
the elliptic curve subsystem and fixes several bugs in current stable

* Version 3.1.1 (released 2012-09-02)

** gnutls-serv: Listens on IPv6. Patch by Bernhard R. Link.

** certtool: Changes in password handling of certtool.
Ask password when required and only if the '--password' option is not
given. If the '--password' option is given during key generation then
assume the PKCS #8 file format, instead of ignoring the password.

** tpmtool: No longer asks for key password in registered keys.

** libgnutls: Elliptic curve code was optimized by Ilya Tumaykin.
wmNAF is now used for point multiplication and other optimizations.
(the major part of the work was done during Google Summer of Code).

** libgnutls: The default pull_timeout_function only uses select
instead of a combination of select() and recv() to prevent issues
when used in stream sockets in some systems.

** libgnutls: Be tolerant in ECDSA signature violations (e.g. using
SHA256 with a SECP384 curve instead of SHA-384), to interoperate with

** libgnutls: Fixed DSA and ECDSA signature generation in smart
cards. Thanks to Andreas Schwier from for providing
me with ECDSA capable smart cards.

** API and ABI modifications:
gnutls_sign_algorithm_get: Added
gnutls_sign_get_hash_algorithm: Added
gnutls_sign_get_pk_algorithm: Added

Getting the Software

GnuTLS may be downloaded from one of the GNU mirror sites or directly
>From <>.  The list of GNU mirrors can be
found at <> and a list of GnuTLS mirrors
can be found at <>.

Here are the XZ compressed sources:

Here are the LZIP compressed sources:

Here are OpenPGP detached signatures signed using key 0x96865171:

Note that it has been signed with my openpgp key:
pub   3104R/96865171 2008-05-04 [expires: 2028-04-29]
uid                  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav <at>>
uid                  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <n.mavrogiannopoulos <at>>
sub   2048R/9013B842 2008-05-04 [expires: 2018-05-02]
sub   2048R/1404A91D 2008-05-04 [expires: 2018-05-02]


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