[gnutls-help] Support for via quadcore SHA512 hw acceleration

Shaun Murphy shaunmurphy at outlook.com
Sat Apr 20 19:48:16 CEST 2013

The limited literature for the newer VIA QuadCore E-Series embedded platform says that it now supports "Secure Hash Algorithm: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512" but I'm not seeing any acceleration for SHA512 in the kernel modules or gnutls. I would appreciate some pointers on what I need to do to access that SHA512 acceleration in gnutls.
Here's my setup:Via Artigo A1250 Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64Gnutls - built from git (built nettle from source, everything else installed from apt)Kernel modules: padlock_aes, padlock_sha
Here's my dmesg output for the loaded modules:[    2.345061] padlock_aes: Using VIA PadLock ACE for AES algorithm.[    2.364105] padlock_sha: Using VIA PadLock ACE for SHA1/SHA256 algorithms.
Benchmark Soft Ciphers:Checking SHA1 (16kb payload)...  Processed 464.73 MB in 5.00 secs: 92.95 MB/secChecking SHA256 (16kb payload)...  Processed 180.04 MB in 5.00 secs: 36.01 MB/secChecking SHA512 (16kb payload)...  Processed 267.39 MB in 5.00 secs: 53.48 MB/sec
Benchmark Ciphers:Checking SHA1 (16kb payload)...  Processed 1.51 GB in 5.00 secs: 0.30 GB/secChecking SHA256 (16kb payload)...  Processed 1.30 GB in 5.00 secs: 0.26 GB/secChecking SHA512 (16kb payload)...  Processed 267.45 MB in 5.00 secs: 53.49 MB/sec
The SHA256 numbers are great but I really need SHA512 for my application.
Thank you.

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