[gnutls-help] Which CA Management Software Are Based On Last Stable GnuTLS

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Fri May 24 00:58:29 CEST 2013

On 05/21/2013 08:06 PM, Bry8 Star wrote:

> Which CA Management software are based on last stable release of
> GnuTLS ?

i'm not aware of any that have been built explicitly against gnutls 3.2.0.

> gnoMint was last released on Aug, 2010.
> http://gnomint.sf.net/
> Its missing many many newer features which exist today.
> Want to create+use+support : newer algorithms, ciphers, etc based
> certs, OCSP, DANE (DNSSEC) authentication, more bits, etc.

If you like the basic interface of gnomint already but want to see these
features added to it, it sounds to me like patching gnomint would be the
right direction to take.  I imagine the original authors of gnomint
would welcome patches!

I am personally interested in seeing a dual-stack CA management tool,
one which produces concurrent X.509 and OpenPGP certificates using the
same key material, but i don't have time to work on it right now :(


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