[gnutls-help] Using GnuTLS with an HSM - Implementation

Horst Freiburger hfusa at web.de
Mon Sep 16 11:32:09 CEST 2013

Hi Nikos, hi everyone,

now i am implementing the function hooks to use a TR03109 security 
module in GnuTLS described in "Using GnuTLS with an HSM" (July 2013). 

I've already implemented the functions to set the function pointers in 
GnuTLS. After this i've added the automated function call for getting 
the random number of the security module for the "client hello"-message. 
So part one is implemented.

Now i will implement the function to get the EC-Key-Pair from the 
security module and to calculate the pre-master-secret in the security 
module. I have a few problems to find the right place in the source-code.

I've tracked the function calls to the right place:

For the last function i cannot find the implementation... Where is this 
function implemented?

Is this the right function call sequence to solve my problem?

Thanks for your answer!


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