[gnutls-help] DTLS Handshaking with multiple clients

Stephen Birarda birarda at highfidelity.io
Fri Apr 4 19:42:52 CEST 2014

Adding DTLS to an event driven server-client architecture. I have Qt signal me when there is data to read on the DTLS socket and then hand that off to gnutls when appropriate.

In the process of handshaking with a client, if the server is expecting another packet from the client it tries to pull from the socket again during the handshake process. When there are multiple clients connecting simultaneously, sometimes this causes the server to drop a handshake packet from another client on the floor, since the pull looks at the sending sockaddr and sees that it does not match the expected sender for the session.

Is there any way to work around this more gracefully other than simply letting the dropped handshake timeout and re-attempt 10 seconds later (or whatever the handshake timeout may be set to)? 
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