[gnutls-help] issue with Windows 2008r2 Ldap

Seyeong Kim seyeong.kim at canonical.com
Wed Dec 23 03:17:06 CET 2015


I have an issue with gnutls ( maybe not ) and Windows 2008r2 Ldap

when I tried to ldapsearch to windows ldap, I got below message

TLS: can't connect: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.. 

there are two AD, 2008r2, 2012r2 and I could only see this error on 2012r2 + ubuntu 14.xx combination

I checked gnutls version 

libgnutls26 | 2.12.23-12ubuntu2.3

libgnutls-deb0-28 | 3.3.8-3ubuntu3   | vivid

Is there any commits I can refer to this issue?

I know there are large differences between two versions. so I need an advice.


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