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Ali Blaybel blaybel.2010 at hotmail.com
Mon May 11 22:58:27 CEST 2015

Thank MR.Daniel for your help.

Mr Daniel.

Currently, I don't need to add a new type of certificate  I can be relied on "X509", all I
 need is to add new extension  
"accepted_and_supported_certificate_type"  contain the certificates type
 supported by the client (just a enumeration ieee(0), ets(1), x509(2), 
 in the server side when receipt this extension (if it contain number 2 
(that mean x509))  it continue its work normally, if not it return " 
Failed Handshake".

-  I use the tools "gnutls-serv" as a server. 
- and the client example "Simple client example with X.509 certificate support" as a client 
- and the wireshark to see if the extension is correctly added. 

I tried to add the extension in the client example before the method gnutls_handshake(session)  
gnutls_ext_register ("SupportedAndAcceptedCertType", 777, GNUTLS_EXT_TLS, NULL,NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);"  but I don't see the extension in wireshark 

Please, if can you help me where can i added the function gnutls_ext_register to see it in wireshark. 

Thank you 

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