[gnutls-help] Question about POODLE tls1

Seyeong Kim seyeong.kim at canonical.com
Mon Nov 16 09:10:34 CET 2015


I'm using cups but it seems having poodle tls1 vulnerable on ssllabs test

POODLE (TLS)*Vulnerable   INSECURE* (more info
and same issue reported to launchpad


he is saying that

gnutls26 | 2.12.23-12ubuntu2.2 | trusty-updates   | source

have problem

gnutls28 | 3.2.11-2ubuntu1.1 | trusty-updates/universe   | source

have no problem

Could you please give me any suggestion to fix this issue on 2.12.xx
version of gnutls if possible? ( commit number or information.. )

Thanks a lot
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