[gnutls-help] Linking a static gnutls with nettle in the application.

Beef Taco beeftacowithhotsauce at mail.ru
Tue Dec 19 06:22:41 CET 2017

Hello. I'm making a project that uses gnutls as a dependency ( to libvncclient library ) on Debian 9 amd64. I have build the 3.6.1 version with the following configuration:

./configure --prefix=/usr --without-p11-kit --enable-static --enable-shared --with inclided-unistring

After that i ended up with the static version, which i linked to my project along with the nettle 3.4 build statically myself. But when i try to build my application, i get errors like this:


My linker options are arranged like this:

-L/home/user/Documents/git_stuff/libvncserver/build -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -lvncclient -lgcrypt -lz -ljpeg -lpng -lcrypto -lssl  -lgnutls -lnettle -lgmp -lgpg-error -ltasn1 -pthread -static

Judging by errors like this: /home/user/Documents/git_stuff/gnutls/lib/nettle/mpi.c:138: undefined reference to `nettle_mpz_set_str_256_s'

I have assumed, there is a dependency on a specific earloer version of libnettle? Or how to fix this erros?

Beef Taco
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