[gnutls-help] Missing break into server code examples?

denissalem at tuxfamily.org denissalem at tuxfamily.org
Sun Sep 2 00:04:03 CEST 2018

Hello fellow coders!

I'm new to GnuTLS and I'm studying examples provided by documentation.
I noticed in most server examples there is no break after

gnutls_record_send() (or only if error is triggered).

I don't know if it's intentional, but while testing  example given in 
7.2.1 titled "Echo server with X.509 authentication", it appears that 
code hang when calling


after echoing back data. Firefox is loading indefinitely as well as curl 
which never complete.

The only way I found to have something right is to set a break after 
gnutls_record_send(). By doing that I'm able to complete the loading of 
the server response with a browser or a command line tool.

Is there something I don't understand about this?

Best regards,

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