[gnutls-help] Guile bindings not built due to "'guile-snarf' from Guile not found'

Kenan Toker kenan at kdtsh.net
Sat Aug 24 03:37:38 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I've been having some trouble installing GnuTLS 3.6.9 with Guile
bindings. I am running macOS 10.14.6, and have been using the Homebrew
2.1.10 package manager to manage the GnuTLS package. I have Guile 2.2.6
installed on my machine. I've been using the --build-from-source flag in
Homebrew so I can specify flags for configure.

When running .configure, I've have Homebrew do the following:

    ./configure --enable-guile
    --disable-dependency-tracking --disable-silent-rules
    --prefix=#{prefix} --sysconfdir=#{etc}
    --disable-heartbeat-support --with-p11-kit

Most of these are just the standard flags that come with the Homebrew
formula, but the first two flags I've added to have make build bindings
for Guile.

When configure gets to building Guile bindings, I get the following
logging output:

    checking whether building Guile bindings... yes
    *** Detecting GNU Guile...

    checking for guile-snarf... no
    configure: WARNING: `guile-snarf' from Guile not found.  Guile
    bindings not built.

I do have guile-snarf installed, I believe it comes with Guile:

    $ which guile-snarf

I can see in the configure script that, around lines 62528-62618 where
Guile bindings are handled, on line 62545 is the following:

    ac_cv_path_guile_snarf="$guile_snarf" # Let the user override the
    test with a path.

I interpreted this as saying that I should try to set the location of
guile-snarf as an environment variable (i.e. 'export
guile_snarf=/usr/local/bin/guile-snarf'), but I didn't have any luck
doing that.

Is there a way for me to tell GnuTLS configure where guile-snarf is
installed? Or is this a red-herring and I'm missing something?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,

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