[gnutls-help] certtool and add_extension

Nicolas Mora nicolas at babelouest.org
Thu Dec 5 17:21:00 CET 2019


In some tests procedures, I need to add the following extension to signing certificates:
value: a 16 bytes value

According to certtool documentation [1], I must use add_extension with an octet string:
add_extension = " octet_string(0x0AAB01ACFE)"

In my case, the add_extension parameter would be:
add_extension = " octet_string(0x0410CD8C395C26EDEEDE653B00797D03CA3C)"

Although, the generated certificate doesn't include the extension ""

You can see the template file I use here: https://github.com/babelouest/glewlwyd/blob/master/test/cert/template-client-packed.cfg

Is there a something I missed when using the certtool command?

Thanks in advance


[1] - https://www.gnutls.org/manual/html_node/certtool-Invocation.html

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