[gnutls-help] rsa_sec_decrypt resides in libhogweed but the gnutls looks for it in libnettle

Andreas Metzler ametzler at bebt.de
Sat Sep 14 15:19:25 CEST 2019

On 2019-09-04 elektroniker at elude.in wrote:
> I have compiled nettle-3.5.1 on OS X 10.7.4 The configure options were:
> NETTLE=/usr/local/nettle-3.5.1
> SSL=/usr/local/openssl-1.1.1c
> GMP=/usr/local/gmp-6.1.2.

> With this configuration, the nettle got built perfectly fine. When I use
> this nettle for the configuration of gnutls-3.6.8 (or .9) with these
> options:
> checking for nettle_rsa_sec_decrypt... no
> configure: error: Nettle lacks the required rsa_sec_decrypt function

> When I inspect:

> nm /usr/local/nettle-3.5.1/lib/libnettle.7.0.dylib | grep rsa

> returns nothing but

> nm /usr/local/nettle-3.5.1/lib/libhogweed.5.0.dylib  | grep rsa_sec_decrypt

> returns:

> 0000000000005fd0 T _nettle_rsa_sec_decrypt

> It looks like rsa_sec_decrypt resides in libhogweed but the gnutls looks
> for it in libnettle.


That diagnosis is not correct. The software library package "Nettle"
consist of libhogweed and libnettle and GnuTLS searches for
nettle_rsa_sec_decrypt in both -lnettle and -lhogweed:
configure.ac line 552 ff:
# We MUST require a Nettle version that has rsa_sec_decrypt now.
    [AC_MSG_ERROR([Nettle lacks the required rsa_sec_decrypt function])]

Look into config.log for the actual test run and resulting error.
cu Andreas
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