[gnutls-help] How to substitute gnutls_record_check_corked

Heiko Schlittermann hs at schlittermann.de
Thu Feb 27 11:02:35 CET 2020


Exim uses gnutls_record_cork() and …_uncork(). After uncorking I'd like
to wait until all data is flushed. Currently I do

  do {
    do outbytes = gnutls_record_uncork(state->session, 0);
    while (outbytes == GNUTLS_E_AGAIN);

     if (outbytes < 0)
       ... /* return failure to the caller */
       return -1;
  } while (gnutls_record_check_corked(state->session) > 0);

But GnuTLS < 3.2.8 does not have the gnutls_record_check_corked()
function. My naive attempt to define it according to that what I found
in the recent GnuTLS source failed, as it needs to access internal
data structures (I believe).

What is the proper way do wait until all data is flushed?

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