[gnutls-help] Guile-Gnutls bindings to separate git repo?

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Mon Dec 26 00:24:33 CET 2022

Ludovic Courtès <ludo at gnu.org> writes:

>> The main reason I added the dependencies was 1) to get 'make web-manual'
>> to produce a manual during CI/CD, 2) to get a proven 'make release'
>> infrastructure including the README-release file, 3) added
>> git-version-gen to avoid manual work and to get CI/CD tarballs with good
>> naming, 4) 'make syntax-check', 5) havelib, and maybe some other parts
>> that I forgot.
> I could live without #4 and #5; I’m not convinced it brings much to a
> project like this one.

The guile.m4 macro that we use depends on havelib's m4/lib-*.m4 which
also needs build-aux/config.rpath.

>> Maybe this strikes a better balance between reusing elements from gnulib
>> but keeping complexity low.  CI/CD passes with no changes, suggesting
>> that we really never relied on anything else from ./bootstrap.
>> If you think using gnulib-tool is too costly as well, we can replace it
>> with a couple of 'cp' commands, but I'm hoping this complexity reduction
>> is sufficient.
> Having to clone all of Gnulib just to pick a couple of files isn’t great
> from a packaging perspective, but we can start this way.

Yeah, maybe we can make the git submodule checkout optional?  It could
be used for developers who want to upgrade these files, or by people who
really wants to re-bootstrap everything from original source code.  I
have pushed the following branch now:


The gnulib submodule is still present, but you don't have to use it if
you don't want all that bandwidth usage.  Maybe we could even drop the
git submodule too -- what we would lose then is the exact gnulib git
commit that we used for importing the gnulib files.

>> Would you like to make a 3.7.12 out of this?  I'm happy to do it if you
>> prefer, but it would be nice to get your PGP key into distributors'
>> trust anchors for guile-gnutls, and I don't know of any mechanism except
>> having the person make a release.
> By “trust anchor”, you mean informally the set of people who ever
> release it, right?

Yes.  Assuming there are any distributors that check PGP signatures...

> I’d be happy to make a release, I’ve just been fairly busy making
> releases lately.  :-)

Yay, please merge jas/drop-bootstrap2 (if you like it) to master, make
any further changes you want, and then follow README-releases steps!

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