[gnutls-help] help needed with: Alert(21)

Michael Wohlwend micha-1 at fantasymail.de
Fri Sep 30 14:05:04 CEST 2022


thanks for the answers...

Am Freitag, 30. September 2022, 10:32:32 CEST schrieb Daiki Ueno:
> I need a bit more information to answer properly:

> Are both client and server programs using GnuTLS?  If yes, could you
> provide the exact package versions, for both client and server?

client and server are both 3.7.1
It also  works with the 3.5.8 client from debian stretch

If I limit the protocol to tls1.2 it also works.
> 64 GB is above the limit of AES-GCM being safely used without rekeying.

ah, yes, , AES-256-GCM, MAC AEAD is  used, so this seems to be the reason.

> If TLS 1.3 is negotiated GnuTLS initiates automatic rekeying, though TLS
> 1.3 is a feature supported by GnuTLS 3.6 or later.

hm, but this rekeying doesn't seem to happen. Otherwise it would work.
Does gnutls_record_recv  gets the GNUTLS_E_REHANDSHAKE as return value in this

> Perhaps you could try other ciphers that doesn't have such limitation,
> e.g., CHACHA20-POLY1305?
> Regards,
I will try this


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