GPA development

Peter Gerwinski
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 16:49:30 +0200

Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:

> b) The keyring management dialog should transparently show
> all important information in one window.
> The interaction with this dialog needs to be more flat, i.e.
> less nested dialog windows. Popping up a window for each key is too
> much.
There must be space for several user IDs and lots of signatures for each key. Instead of placing them in separate windows you would favour having two more lists in the public key ring editor, displaying the signatures and user IDs of the currently selected key? And an additional line for the fingerprint? I am not sure which approach is more confusing.
> 3. Nice icons in the list e.g. for the trust levels (is supported
> by gtk clist).
Which sort of icons do you mean? I can imagine that bars or pie charts can visualize owner trust, but I'd vote against e.g. faces which do not show a clear order.
> 6. Show a nice counter/clock to give a visual impression on the
> remaining time of passphrase validity.
If someone sees a countdown, he might tend to hurry up to stay in time - which may lead to errors. Since the result of "missing the date" is harmless but the effect of an error induced by hurrying up may be desasterous, I am not sure whether this is a good idea.
> 7. Automatically disable those buttons that do not make sense
> in a specific selection state.
Agreed (in this point and most others).
> I think, we can primarily address the key ring editor and realize some
> of the c.n ideas, perhaps not c.6.
Replacing the buttons by a menu - if we agree on that - _might_ be possible in this short time. I will try ...
> d) whould be very nice for Peter's presentation at the LinuxTag,
> but I am not sure that it can be established in the short time.
> Nonetheless it is what new users are very interested in.
We have some pop-up boxes that only(?) need to be filled with contents ... Any chance for internationalization?
> We need the following icons for sure:
> general:
> Sign
My idea: A pen, signing a document.
> Encrypt
> Decrypt
My idea: An arrow indicates that something is being put into (or taken out of) a letter envelope.
> trust levels:
> Unknown
> don't trust
> trust marginally
> fully trust
My idea: Abstract icons indicating a clear order. (See above.)
> My question is now: should I just start working on improvements
> as described above and see how far I get until LinuxTag 2000
> and should I commit all changes in Exp branch (when they compile
> and are stable)?
I'd like to come to a consensus concerning buttons vs. menus first, but in any other respect - IMHO, of course (-: Be welcome to go on. Peter -- (_G-N-U_) Dr. rer. nat. Peter Gerwinski <> o o G-N-U GmbH, EDV-Dienstleistungen,