GPA development

Peter Gerwinski
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:06:55 +0200

Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:

> > > trust levels:
> > > Unknown
> > > don't trust
> > > trust marginally
> > > fully trust
> >
> > My idea: Abstract icons indicating a clear order. (See above.)
> How about this:
> unknown ?
> dont trust thumb down
> marginally thumb vertical
You mean: thumb horizontal?
> fully thumb up
> This just a clear order though not abstracted.
I could live with that. But: This is about how far you trust in another human. This question is a very serious one. (Therefore we do not show the ownertrust in the public key ring editor by default.) The meaning of these trust levels must never be misunderstood. For instance, I have a friend whom I really trust in many respects, but he is completely unexperienced in computers. Emotionally, I would "have to" assign him a "thumb up". However the correct assignment would be an emotion-neutral "trust marginally".
> We get in trouble when
> there will be more than 4 trust levels.
AFAIK, there will not be. Peter -- (_G-N-U_) Dr. rer. nat. Peter Gerwinski <> o o G-N-U GmbH, EDV-Dienstleistungen,