GPA development - icons for trust level

Peter Gerwinski
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 12:01:30 +0200

Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:

> >
> > key is KNOWN
> > key is UNKNOWN.
You mean: TRUSTED vs. UNTRUSTED (or: KNOWN/UNKNOWN to belong to its owner).
> currently gpa applies the same trust levels for both, owner and key trust.
> You mean to replace the 4 levels by the two levels 'known','unknown' for the
> key trust?
> However, still the thumb up/down icons can be applied. I think
> we should not use other icons for the key trust than the ones
> for the owner trust.
I think that these should be separated because both are different things: Owner trust reflects my personal opinion about other humans and is _assigned_. Key trust is a property of a thing (the key) and is _calculated_ (from the owner trust values and other data). What about a red/green traffic light to show the key trust? While the thumb belongs to a human (a human says in how far he trusts in another human), the traffic light is a machine (a machine calculates in how far some electronic data may be trusted). Peter