final icons for gpa inserted

Jan-Oliver Wagner
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:17:05 +0200

Dear all,

the new icons for gpa are inserted in time, cf. before LinuxTag.

There are now nice icons in the toolbar of the main window.

Furthermore we have icons for the ownertrust (currently
only in the list of the public key ring editor dialog).
In the same dialog I have also added a small 'sign' icon
in the corresponding button.

The icons were designed by Beate Esser, not by myself -
so thanks to Beate. And thanks to Peter Gerwinski - we
three had lots of lively phone conferences about the icons :-)

We hope that all this work will benefit the gpa acceptance
by novice users as well and propells the gpa use in general.
The incorporation of the icons and the upcoming homepage of
gpa is the best we could do in this short time upto the LinuxTag.

The gpa will be a story of success, but there is still lots
to do.


PS: About the icons: Currently they are stored as xpm's in one
file (icons.xpm). Actually this is quite unusual, but I didn't
had the time to implement the convenient way of icon-incorporation.
So that's still a thing left TODO.

Jan-Oliver Wagner

Intevation GmbH