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Michael Häckel haeckel@kde.org
Sat Oct 13 18:03:01 2001

On Saturday 13 October 2001 14:18, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer wrote:

> The LDAP functionality must be independent from the mail client used. I=
> therefore can't use e.g. KIO slaves, because it wouldn't be really
> independent any longer (using some of the KDE libraries).
I know, we must take, what we get, but long term this means, that KDE needs a different LDAP implementation. Well, I made the suggestion to create a module that just translates between the high level commands from the application and the low level commands of the LDAP protocol and let the network traffic do a different module. AFAIK OpenLDAP is also able to operate on a unix socket instead of a network socket so this would theoretically possible. Regards, Michael Häckel