Various design questions

George Staikos
Sat Oct 20 21:10:01 2001

On Saturday 20 October 2001 14:56, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> George,
> it looks like there is soem discussion about the same topic going on
> the kmail list.
> I still think there should be one small repository
> which is GUI and big-library independent. It just does not make
> sense for each GUI framework to have its own in the long run.
If it doesn't require one to link GPG libraries into the app in order to access the database, and if it's easy to obtain all forms of certificates needed for S/MIME and SSL (signers, clients and servers), then yes this is certainly desirable. Also we need the ability to store entire certificate chains. Right now I use K[Simple]Config because it's easy and it's standard in KDE. However I must warn that I no time available to modify the KSSL code to make use of a different library any time in the near future. The code in KSSL is ugly, mostly due to trying to merge KDE with OpenSSL (not a fun task in the least!). -- George Staikos