New releases of libgcrypt, libksba and newpg

Werner Koch
Thu Feb 7 22:19:02 2002


I have just released some software for the Aegypten project.  To
demonstrate that we made some progress I bumbed some version numbers a
bit ;-) (618k)
(12k) (357k)
[sorry, no diff file] (262k) (102k)

There is no need to build OpenSC yet as we only have some stubs. you
need to build libksba and libgcrypt prior to newpg.

The major news is that gpg-agent does now operate as a daemon ("eval
`gpg-agent`"), caches the passphrases and encrypts the secret keys.
You may want to try the gpg-agent with the latest GnuPG CVS version
which supports the new protocol - I am using this daily with Gnus.
There is also some progress with certicate handling etc. 

Because theDirMngr has not yet been released the gpgsm option
--disable-crl-checks might come handy.  For more information consult or ask on

Have fun,


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