Questions related to sylpheed

Werner Koch
Tue Feb 19 19:24:01 2002

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:11:47 +0100, Oliver Roepke said:

> Hello,
> I've some problems related to Sylpheed.

> Is this the right mailing list for this kind of questions?

has pointers to the mailing list, there might be an archive but I am
not sure.  That is a high traffic ML (100-300/day)

> 1. Sylpheed doesn't show lines of mails, which contain
> german
> characters like ae, oe, ue ans ss.

This si a problem of you locate setting

> 2. I need the feature "SMPT after POP" to send emails but I
> don't know
> where to configure it.

I am pretty sure that this can be done.  Note, Sylpheed does support
APOP and AUTH-SMTP so you might want to check whether your mail hoster
supports this.  smtp after pop is a bad bad hack.



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